Empowering Investigative Excellence Since 1988

The National Homicide Investigators Association (NHIA), formerly known as the Florida Homicide Investigators Association, was established in 1988 in Pinellas County, Florida. Over the years, NHIA has evolved into a leading organization dedicated to supporting and advancing the skills of professionals involved in homicide investigations and death investigations across North America.

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Mission and Purpose

Our mission is clear - to provide unparalleled investigative support, high-quality training, and extensive networking opportunities. NHIA serves a diverse community of professionals, including homicide investigators, prosecutors, forensic technicians, federal agents, military police, and death investigation experts. At the heart of our mission lies the annual five-day training conference, a cornerstone event fostering networking, case presentations, and discussions on investigative techniques with seasoned professionals from around the nation.

Annual Training Conference

The annual training conference is the highlight of NHIA's commitment to excellence. It serves as a dynamic platform for professionals to engage in networking, share case studies, and delve into the latest investigative techniques. Our conference is designed to create an immersive environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange, ensuring that participants leave with enhanced skills and a broader understanding of the field.

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Contact Us for More Information

For inquiries, partnerships, or more information about NHIA, feel free to reach out to us at NHIAinfo@nationalhomicideinvestigatorsassociation.org. We are here to support your journey in death investigation training and professional development.